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WGOD- 'The Word of God in the Caribbean'.

WGOD is owned and operated by Three Angels Broadcasting Company, Incorporated. (3ABC). 3ABC is a private, not-for-profit organization committed to the practical involvement of Christians within their communities. It is a 24-hour Christian radio network.

Using the channels of communication provided by modern technology — like television, radio and the world-wide web, WGOD seeks to achieve this aim and spread the message of Jesus Christ so that the word of God will put Christian faith into action. Thus,  the contemporary issues of the community can be resolved through the power of faith.

Prayer & Support

We thank God for our "Prayer Warriors" who call in daily to pray on behalf of our community. The staff of WGOD would like to pray for your needs during our daily devotional period. If you are in need of prayer, please contact us or click for more information.


Advertise with WGOD today. We are one of the fastest growing Christian radio stations heard on AM and FM in the Carribbean and on the world-wide web. Contact us or click for click for more info.

About Us

The greatest need in the world today is Jesus Christ. Faith, it is said, can move mountains. At WGOD, we are aware of this tremendous potential of faith. In fact, we have been harnessing it continuously in order to better society and make it the way God truly intended it to be. Think of WGOD as a radio ministry. For more info click here.